Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where are you now

Little bit you look at
Here need oxygen
Ambulance came
Front of the laboratory door
Inside had a chemical
There just look down
Pink rose
Pieces into million strips
Don’t mass
Carefully step down
Take the body
It is “one and all”
Was- Morning Prayer
Became a
Dry brown blood
Please go ahead_______
Listen the ambulance music
Never like your
Temple bell.

Fun Hostage Boy

I couldn’t saw him to laugh
After end the morning
I had found
His breath on a wall
There white glossy tiles
Floral images
And dew drop water
Beside him
Not in the garden
Where love like to sit
Holding two red cans
Here his nose
Half of the lips
One eye
Under the tab water
Use to make something
And he
Became a fractured
Don’t ask
Millions of you
Why he asleep________
Couple of nights
On a
Rusty bed.

Assemble mind

A blue stone before the
There a magnetic drive
Overlapping my I-card
And a traditional girl
Became a widow
See that side _________
Muslim festival going on
Here some little kids captured
A moment
Out side and in side
Cold air
After few rain
Where I kept my seizer
Gum bottle
My scrap book
This is an old news paper
What I think
To do
May be nothing
Or may some

Towards My alone Room

Me and my body
Holding a
Shaking night
Unknown train
There two people
Sleeping on a plastic
That’s it
My head just straight
Beside the door
Here no one
No hands to touch
Here lump of
me and my body___
towards my room
there a
ugly bed
full of dust:
last three night
I didn’t came to

at Tamilnadu.

All Right Reserved

Oh madly bird
Why are you making noise
In a deep night
What do you like to say
Forget it
And don’t go for
A cry
All are sleeping
No is to hear you!
Except a blue night sky
Even millions of light
Had noise hole the day
Better you kiss your
soft feather
there reflecting some
moon bleach light
oh ! night watching bird
all are in sleeping
with whom do like to fly___



Here is the test
One shabby blue
Assemble with hue
Bricks have some red
Some of greenish to brownish
Oh! A bird is there
Not so far
After a sky dew
Olive Green, sap Green
So and so
A sound mostly few unknown birds
Disappearing in a gap
A curly hair between the gap
Mostly trees
A young girl
There her hand busy to dry
No! no means
What that
Request to please come down
Stand on grass
Look over the wall
Farthest have a poor house
No colour
Only a yellow transparent cloth
floating down
next to me.

With banana trees

I there be a colour
there be a hue
When a single grass
And clumsy my all______
Over a night to day
Full of mechanical noise
There nobody I wants
Except the chipping of birds
Except may you
Your soft branch
Brown hair , pipeline body
Goes for a single touch
Suddenly a rabbit
Come down for a single nut
And ask to shake hand
There a crow to again noise
Go ahead! Go ahead
Here having banana tree.